First, a few pointers.

What is a cash mob?

Quite simply, a cash mob takes place when a group of people arrange to meet at a local shop or store. When they get there everyone makes a small purchase. Cash mobs are taking place all over the world and are organised by people who enjoy the fun, excitement and novelty of a cash mob, or others who are concerned about the plight of local businesses and want to do something to help. The beauty of cash mobbing is that it achieves both of these things at once.

What’s involved?

Cash mobbing is great fun, but it does have a serious side. In today’s economic climate local shops and businesses need all the help they can get. Organising a cash mob helps by getting spending customers through the door. The Cash Mobbers website is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to organise one where you live.

Here’s how in five easy steps:

1. Think of a locally-owned or run shop or store that you love, or would like to help
2. Log into Cash Mobbers using your Twitter or Facebook account
3. Fill in the simple on-screen form
4. Click to post the details on your Facebook wall or to tweet to your Twitter followers
5. Log off. Then turn up, meet people, have fun, spend and help a local business

How do I get started?

Before you start you might want to search for existing cash mobs to see if it’s worth joining one that’s already been organised in your area. If you’ve never done one before it’s a great way to meet fellow cash mobbers, and to see how a cash mob works.

If you do decide to do your own just follow our “Seven Steps to Success” for a few pointers. Thanks to our friends over at Cash Mobs for laying the groundwork on these for us.

1. The business should be locally owned and run
2. Think small, family-run businesses like cafes, craft shops, book shops, butchers, etc.
3. People need to be able to easily spend up to £10 (US$15)
4. Pick a date and time when people will most likely be able to make it
5. If you’re expecting quite a turnout, tell the shop to expect a surge in customers that day
6. Make sure you take your phone or camera with you and post photos from the mob
7. Promote your event like mad to ensure as many people to turn up as possible

You can also download PDF versions of this page, and our Frequently Asked Questions, and use them to promote your event among neighbours, friends, local businesses and the wider media.

Do I have to use the Cash Mobbers website?

Not at all. If you already have a solid online following for your shop, business or company (a Facebook group or page, for example) then you might be better creating an event there. If that’s the case then feel free to make use of the other resources on this site, including any of the downloadable materials listed above. If you do decide to list your event here you’ll be given your own event page to promote, which is helpful for people not on social media, and you’ll help the wider cash mob movement by helping us build a directory of events that have taken place.